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Stolen Vehicle Assistance

The OnStar Safety and Security Plan was made to protect you and your valuables in the case of an unforeseen event. OnStar safety features include around the clock connection to an OnStar advisor who can aid you with roadside assistance, directions to a destination, accident assistance, locating your stolen vehicle, and many other services. In the case of vehicle theft, Stolen Vehicle Assistance offers a list of services that help grant you peace of mind. Contact us for more information to explore OnStar safety feature. Book an appointment to test drive a new or used vehicle equipped with OnStar Connected services.

How Stolen Vehicle Assistance Works

OnStar Connected Stolen Vehicle Assistance features the following: Theft Alarm Notification, Remote Ignition Block, and Stolen Vehicle Slowdown. Theft Alarm Notification works by notifying you by call, text, or email if your alarm goes off after the doors are electrically locked. Remote Ignition Block prevents your vehicle from being started via a signal from OnStar after it has been turned off. This can be done after a police report has been filed. Stolen Vehicle Slowdown works by slowing your vehicle down to aid the authorities in recovering it. This is done gradually and only when the police say it is safe to do so. Having your vehicle stolen can be an extremely stressful and dangerous situation. OnStar is designed to ease your mind and give you an advantage against thieves.

How to Use Stolen Vehicle Assistance

If you experience a vehicle theft, a police report should be filed immediately. When you file the report, you should inform the authorities that you have OnStar. An OnStar Advisor will work with law enforcement to find your vehicle. This is done with the use of GPS technology. If your vehicle is parked, OnStar Connected services will inform the authorities of the location of your vehicle. They will also initiate a Remote Ignition Block signal. If your car is on the move, an Onstar Advisor will keep the authorities updated on your vehicle's location. Once the police spot your vehicle, the OnStar advisor can turn on the emergency flashers to aid in proper identification. Once identified, a Stolen Vehicle Slowdown signal is sent by the advisor. If the authorities can recover your vehicle, you will be contacted by the police or an OnStar advisor so that you can arrange a time to retrieve your vehicle.