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How Long Does Car Brakes Last?

How long does car brakes last?

Regular Brake Service Ensures the Best Stopping Power

Car brakes do a great job of helping you to maintain control of your car's speed and coming to safe and fully controlled stops, as the leading Buick, Chevrolet, and GMC dealership in Surrey, British Columbia, we have a wide range of factory and aftermarket brake parts from top brands. Our highly experienced technicians can maintain and repair any vehicle's brakes and have them working their best once again. After learning more about how we can make your brakes work their best you can book a service appointment online.

Car Brakes Last Longer When Maintained Properly

Many car owners wonder: How long do car brakes last? The answer varies based on the brake pads used and how often you maintain your brakes. Brake pads have a service life and require replacement before all of the friction material wears off the pads. The brake pads' service life depends on the type of friction material used and how often you maintain your brakes. Contact us to learn more about how often you should inspect and maintain your brakes for the best possible stopping power.

Commonly Done Brake Services

Our brake services ensure all brake parts are in perfect condition and the brake fluid is clean and fresh with not water in the lines that sap effectiveness. We remove each wheel, disassemble the brake callipers and inspect the pads. Any signs of unusual wear indicates a problem with a calliper. We have OEM and aftermarket brake callipers, rotors, brake pads, and master cylinders on hand to ensure we can take care of any brake problems that we find. We also can resurface rotors when possible to restore a smooth braking surface.

Signs Your Brakes Need Work

If you ignore the brakes on your vehicle, they will act up sooner or later. Bad brake fluid can cause brake pads to rub against rotors and reduce the service life of both. Grime and other contaminants as well as dry rot can make callipers go bad. If you hear loud metallic scraping sounds while braking or the brake pedal feels soft or like pressing into a sponge, you need brake work done.