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GMC - Details on Trailering

If you found yourself considering a GMC vehicle for purchase, chances are you are aware of how innovative and durable their models are. Shopping for and buying a new GMC vehicle is easier than ever with our online platform that can be used for viewing inventory remotely. By simply visiting our website and typing in your preferred search criteria, you have instant access to a full inventory of vehicles that fit your qualifications. Be sure to check out our used and new GMC inventory through this resource.

Once you have decided on a GMC vehicle, you immediately have access to the innovative technology GMC is known for in your new purchase. Including myGMC app, buyers can always feel in control of their vehicle, as well as maintain constant connectivity. When you purchase a GMC be sure to download the myGMC app allowing you to book a service appointment and much more.

One of the many facets of GMC vehicles are known for is their towing capabilities and hauling capacity. Whether you are looking at a GMC SUV or a pickup truck, your GMC vehicle is capable of towing at a level that many competitors are not.

Gross Combination Weight Rating

The maximum weight a vehicle can haul is known as the gross combination weight rating. This rating is determined by the manufacturer and consists of the weight of the truck, trailer, occupants, payload, fuel, and all other objects that contain weight.

Gross Vehicle Weight Rating

Conversely, the gross vehicle weight rating is the maximum amount of vehicle weight allowed. This includes features that relate solely to the vehicle itself, not including any trailers.

Gross Trailer Weight

Considered separate, the gross trailer weight is the maximum allowed weight of a trailer itself when loaded.

Curb Weight

The weight of an empty vehicle without a driver, occupants, or load is known as the curb weight. This is the general weight of the vehicle, alone, without any other factors.

Axle Ratio

A figure that is a bit more complex than other weight ratings is the axle ratio. This signifies the relationship of the driveshaft and the drive axle by how many revolutions each mechanism produces per minute. A higher ratio will signify a higher rpm attainment.

Trailer Tongue Weight/Kingpin Weight

When towing a trailer, it is important to know how much stress is being put on a hitch or ball. The trailer tongue weight/kingpin weight is a direct measurement of this weight relativity.

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