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Signs to Replace Your Car Battery

Signs to Replace Your Car Battery in Surrey, British Columbia

The lifespan of your battery depends on your vehicle and its condition. After an average of four years, most vehicles need car battery replacement. If you need to replace your battery for any Buick, Chevrolet, GMC, we offer a wide array of services to serve you. We offer services in Surrey, British Columbia. We also extend our services regarding car maintenance to other cities, including Burnaby, Vancouver and the regions surrounding British Columbia. Contact us for car battery care tips, and be sure to schedule your service today. The following are signs that your battery is dying.

Starts Engine Slowly

The components of the battery tear and wear, implying that their effectiveness reduces. If this is the case, then the battery takes much time to develop power for the engine; you will have to wait for your car engine to start for some time. This is a clear indication that your battery is in its last kicks.

Corroded Connectors

In case your battery has signs of corrosion on the metal parts, then it has corrosion issues. Corroded terminals on the top of your battery result in voltage problems and result in trouble while starting your vehicle.

Electrical Issues and Dim Lights

Notably, the battery powers all the electronic appliances in your car like the dashboard computer and the radio. If the battery starts reducing its power, it will not be able to run such things at full power.

Engine Light Turns On

In a wide range of cars, the check engine light displays general information about your car, including the battery's status. If this is the case, then read the car manual and take your car to a qualified mechanic to check it. If it is not working at full capacity, consider replacing it immediately.

Misshapen Battery Case

The climate affects the duration in which your battery will last - exposing your battery to various conditions like cold and hot causes the case of the battery to swell and crack. In case your battery has cracked, then the fact is that it is not working properly.

Old Battery

If your battery has lasted for at least five years, you should consider replacing it. Driving habits and electronic demands determine the duration that your battery will last. Get your car battery often tested the moment it gets three years old.

Let the Experts Help

If you have issues with your battery, visit us and get it replaced. The signs highlighted above address the question on how can I tell when to replace my car battery. Contact us and schedule a service appointment online.